Brand Registry on Amazon: is it right for you?

Selling on Amazon is no longer just a matter of throwing up a listing and seeing the sales come in. It requires a deep understanding of the marketplace, how it works and the tools you have access to.

One of the most important tools is Brand Registry on Amazon.

Two of your most important tasks are going to be growing sales and protecting your brand. Amazon allows you to do both.

So, how do you know if Amazon Brand Registry is right for you? I’ve gone through some of the biggest points below.

You will Have a Lot Less Headaches

For reasons we’ll go into in later posts one of the main benefits of brand registry is that it makes your life easier.

While having Brand Registry on Amazon will not solve all of your problems, not having it will leave you banging your head against the wall more than necessary as Amazon continues to put up more walls to protect customers.

“Selling on Amazon is hard enough, no reason to make it harder.”

Continuously bad PR about counterfeit issues, accusations of monopoly and reports of unsafe goods being sold on the platform have Amazon throwing up its defences. It’s best to just play ball and do things the way Amazon wants to see them if you don’t want any unforeseen surprises down the road.

Selling on Amazon is hard enough, no reason to make it harder.

You Can More Easily Adapt Over Time

Amazon is not just “set it and forget it”. It needs to be constantly monitored and listings need to be routinely updated with new images and copy as customer trends, seasons and the competitive landscape change.

If you don’t have brand registry then this will be very difficult. Amazon no longer makes it easy to update your listings without having a direct association with the listing through Brand Registry. So unless you are the brand owner or a registered agent then you will not be able to easily update your product listings every time you want to change something.

“…you will not be able to easily update your product listings every time you want to change something.”

It’s important to realize that without brand registry you will have less control. In fact, everyone else will have the same access to your listings as you do.

Gain Protection from Counterfeit Products

Brand Registry in Amazon

One of the original reasons Amazon started brand registry 2.0 back in 2017 was to better help protect against the growing number of counterfeiters on the platform.

Amazon Brand Registry gives you several tools to help find and report counterfeit and copyright violations.

  • Global search
  • Image search
  • Bulk ASIN Search

Here is what Amazon lists on their Brand Registry Benefits page.

Registration helps protect brands

You Can Use Special Advertising & Promotional Tools

When you are brand registered you get access to specific tools. There’s a long list of tools that brand-registered sellers will be able to access to help them launch and grow sales on Amazon.

We won’t go into too much detail here but they include:

Sponsored Brands: Run branded ad campaigns and gain access to different ad real estate such as headline search ads. Read more

Amazon Attribution (beta): Track your ad performance across multiple channels, not just on Amazon. Learn more

Amazon Live: Amazon’s new social element that allows brands and influencers to livestream about products. See How

Brand Dashboard: Get deeper insights into your products’ performance. Read more

Video Uploads for listings: Upload videos to your Amazon listing. See why

Vine Program: Get more reviews from Amazon’s trusted network of reviewers. Learn how

Early Reviewer Program: A simple way to incentivize your products’ first reviews safely within Amazon. Learn more

Get Access to Advanced Analytics

Brand Analytics is one of the biggest data advantages brands can get and is only available when you have brand registry with Amazon.

It provides real data to see how certain search terms and products are performing. These include:

  • Top search terms per category (and overall)
  • Top 3 ASINs for that search term
  • Each top ASIN’s share of clicks on that search term
  • Each top ASIN’s conversion rate for that search term

You can identify repeat purchase behavior for your products and see data on:

  • % of repeat customers for a product
  • Comparison to previous period
  • Value of repeat purchases
  • And you can view by both products and brands

And this only the tip of the iceberg. There are areas like market basket analysis, item comparisons and alternative purchase behavior to look at as well. Suffice it to say that all of this information will help you understand your performance and the performance of your competitors much better.

Brand Registry on Amazon is the Key to Brand Management

Brand management on Amazon is more important than ever and with brand registry on Amazon you get access to tools like A+ content and branded storefronts.

Both give you an edge over the competition when it comes to building a brand on Amazon but in slightly different areas.

A+ Content

A+ content allows you to communicate both your brand’s and additional product information on your Amazon listing. It’s a chance to really show off your product and go beyond the basic main images each listing is allowed (read about every image you need for your product listing). It’s front and center on mobile and works as an excellent branding tool. If you don’t believe me, you can check out my article on why you should be using A+ content.

We’ve rounded up some stellar examples of live A+ content if you’re curious and want to see more.

A+ content for Amazon registered brands

Branded Storefronts

Amazon continues the push for providing you with ways to generate branded content with Branded Storefronts. Branded Storefronts are designed to give your brand a one-stop-shop for all of your brand’s items and are only available to sellers with Brand Registered accounts. They allow you to display your full product line, seasonal promotions and show off your brand’s personality. Curious? Check out these 7 grocery brands that are crushing it with their branded storefronts. For more information you can take a look at Amazon’s stores page.

Example of Amazon storefront

Brand Registry on Amazon is Easy to Setup

With all the advantages of brand registry it would be easy to assume that it’s a lot of work to set up but in reality, it’s simple and straightforward. There is no cost for registration.

It may take a week (or two) with some back and forth communication but all you need is:

  • an active registered trademark
  • the trademark registration number
  • specific information such as your country of origin
  • and what product categories on Amazon your products belong in

Amazon only accepts trademark registrations from certain countries which you can find in section 1 of the review eligibility requirements page.

Finally, it is important to get in contact with your lawyer or whoever’s name is on the trademark application as they will receive the verification code.

What do you need to sign up?

Your Agency Partner Needs it

Remember what we said about how brand registry reduces headaches and makes everything easier? This is true for your agency partner as well.

Your Amazon Agencies work is dependent on being able to quickly and easily implement the tools and strategies needed to grow sales and protect your brand on Amazon. Without proper access to these tools, a lot of the work professionals may do to help you sell on Amazon will either be difficult to implement or have short-lived benefits.

Need Help?

If you’re still not sure or simply don’t have the time, feel free to contact us and we’ll see if we can help.

You can use the links below to either send an email or just send me a direct message on LinkedIn. It would be my pleasure to help!

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