Brand Services

We partner with you to create a more equal and sustainable future by helping you grow on the Amazon Marketplace.

You are our customer.

We do not have our own store and Amazon holds all the customer data. This makes you, the brand owner, our customer. Our job is to handle the unique aspects of Amazon around logistics, sales and marketing so you don't have to. Freeing you up to focus on your product and mission.

The 5 Stages of Our Operation

1. Buy and Sell 

The most basic of functions. We purchase inventory from you and handle all the logistics that are unique to Amazon such as prep & labeling, making sure everything is in stock and handling returns & refunds. The fundamentals of e-commerce on Amazon.


2. Protect

The nature of a marketplace is that anyone can sell anything they want. This leads to problems with protecting your brand against expired products, MAP violations and seller overload. We guide you through the Brand Registry process to help protect your IP and have around the clock MAP monitoring to help brand equity. 

 In addition, we are always available to discuss potential pitfalls in the supply chain that may leave you vulnerable to unauthorized sellers.


3. Optimize 

The optimization process is the most involved part of the 5 stages as it involves optimizing for conversion through the photography and copy on each unique Amazon page. We also perform ongoing testing and monitoring as Amazon and the competitive landscape changes.


4. Grow 

Once a listing has been optimized it can be advertised. Amazon advertising platform, like all others, is unique and will help offer additional insights through data that will assist in the ongoing optimization process.


5. Expand

The last stage. Once we have taken care of what's already present on Amazon we can begin to add additional products and consider opportunities in other international marketplaces.



If you think you or anyone you know might benefit from our services please contact us using the link below.