5 Reasons We Love Scribbles

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What can I say, we LOVE Scribbles! 

It’s an indispensable part of our process here at Better World Products. 

What?! You’re not sure what it does? 

You should. 

If you want to capture your customer’s attention then a tool like Scribbles could give you a huge advantage. 

Selling on Amazon isn’t just about pretty images (although they help). Your copy is important too. Which is why we use Scribbles.  

This powerful tool for Amazon sellers makes it so much easier to draft well-optimized listing copy. 

And a well-optimized listing = more conversions, more customers and more sales. 

Does that sound interesting? 

Good. Because today we’re going to share with you 5 reasons we love this powerful software from Helium 10

What is Helium 10’s Scribbles? 

Scribbles is a listing optimizer.   

It’s a tool in the Helium 10 Suite that helps you draft copy for Amazon product listing pages. It’s designed to make the whole process easy from start to finish.  

Scribbles provides a visual breakdown of each important section of a product listing, ensuring you don’t forget to include important keywords, and even suggests unused keywords and phrases as you type. 

In other words, Scribbles is a superhero. 

Scribbles listing optimizer

Getting Started is Easy 

Starting to write on Scribbles is pretty straightforward. 

When you open it up you’ll notice everything’s separated into handy sections. The simple layout breaks everything down to manageable pieces so that you can focus on writing one thing at a time. 

You’ll go from staring at a blank page thinking: 

“How am I going to write an entire listing from scratch!?” 


“Well, this isn’t so bad. I just have to fill in one box at a time”. 

And if you’re still struggling with getting started, Helium 10 has a handy “Learn” button for each tool. Click on it for an easy-to-follow video series where Bradley Sutton explains the basics.  

Bradley is Helium 10’s Chief of Training and it’s obvious why – he really knows the platform and makes everything easy to understand. 

Learn Button in Scribbles

Scribbles Fully Integrates with Helium 10 

Getting started is not the only thing that’s easy. 

Scribbles is part of the Helium 10 suite which includes keyword research tools to help create a seamless process from research to writing. 

The whole Amazon listing optimization process takes place in the same space. 

First, you find your competition and plug them into Helium 10’s reverse ASIN tool, Cerebro. 

Cerebro helps you find what keywords your competitors are using that you should include in your listing. 

Once you have a good list of keywords, you can copy them to the clipboard or export to other tools within the suite, like Helium 10’s keyword processor, Frankenstein or their tool that generates common misspellings, Misspellinator. 

From here you can copy or export everything into Scribbles to begin writing. 

See, the process is all connected! 

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords! 

Keywords are the bread and butter of SEO on Amazon. They help your products rank and appear on the search results page. That’s why it’s so important to use a tool that lets you visualize your keywords within your copy. 

Scribbles does a great job of this by: 

  • Color coding by search volume 
  • Crossing out used phrases 
  • Suggesting keywords while you write 
Scribbles help visualize Keywords

Color Coding 

When you set yourself up to write a perfectly optimized listing you’ll see your “Words” in the top left section and “Phrases” in the bottom left-hand section.  

Each keyword shows up in a slightly different color.  

In the “Words” section, the color represents the number of times the word appears in the phrases you’ve imported to Scribbles. In the example below, you’ll see chilliflakesdried and chillies in red because they appear most commonly in the phrases. 

The color coding in the phrases section is different. Here, the colors represent search volume on Amazon

Red keywords are most searched.  

Followed by orange

Then green

Then blue

And finally black.  

The color codes make choosing which keywords to include a cinch! Just check out the colors and see which higher volume keywords phrases would benefit your listing more.

Colour Coding and Search Volume

Crossing Out Used Keywords 

This is another neat way Scribbles offers a visual overview of your listing. By crossing out (or even hiding) used keyword phrases you can focus on others you need to include in your copy. 

Above the scratch mark, Scribbles also notes down how many times you’ve used the word in your listing. 

Scribbles crosses out words

Suggesting Keywords 

Writing a product listing for Amazon with Scribbles is like having your very own guide to hold your hand along the way. Start typing a word and a list will appear underneath with keyword suggestions. You’ll see which keywords you’ve used and which are still up for grabs. 

Scribbles suggests keywords

Develop a Streamlined Process with Scribbles 

This needs to be said: 

If you want to consistently write listings that sell, then it’s important to create a process that’s easy to follow.  

A process ensures that there is a clear structure and consistency to both the listings and the way in which the team (or individual) approaches the writing. 

Scribbles helps us develop an easy-to-follow process because it’s: 

  • Collaborative 
  • Structured 
  • Consistent 


In a bigger team, it’s not always a single person that’s responsible for the listing optimization flow. Hence the importance of collaborative features in Scribbles. 

A multi-user login allows more than one person to work on listings without kicking another off the platform. 

Scribbles also has options for saving, naming and loading previous listings. You can go back and load the history and edit, or simply review the listing. This also makes it easy if a supervisor wants to go in and check the copy.  


As mentioned in the section about getting started the structured outline of Scribbles gives writers a visual way to separate each part of the product listing.  

It’s less daunting to see a listing divided into easy-to-fill-out sections rather than just a blank word document. Scribbles provides sections for: 

Once you fill out each section, you can conveniently copy/paste it into your Amazon Product Detail Page (or flat file) when creating your listing. 


Scribbles gives you the option to set your byte count in every section. When you first start, it comes set up with byte counts automatically filled out but you can change them depending on what product category you’re writing for. 

Having a consistent number of bytes to write for ensures that your product listings are similar in length and structure.  

Consistently writing within a byte limit helps you familiarize yourself with writing short, punchy copy. It also forces you to be creative with the space you have. 

Full of Features 

All the features included in Scribbles are designed to make sure you get the most out of your keywords. 

The “import listing” feature allows you to import existing listings from an Amazon ASIN with the click of a button. This is helpful if you want to improve your own listing or see which keywords a competitor is using and how.  

"Import listing" button

When writing your listing you have the option to “hide used phrases”. The advantage? A clutter-free list of unused keyword phrases. You now have a list that highlights words and phrases you could still use. 

Hide used phrases

If you want to include a keyword or phrase in more than one place, you can select the “ignore” button so it discounts the keywords used in the section. 

Ignore Keywords Button

You can also slide the knob above “Words” or “Phrases” if you want to focus on higher-volume keywords only. 

High volume keywords only

Scribbles also allows you to export listings in .TXT and .CSV formats. These text-based files include the sections you’ve filled out as well as the lists of used and unused words and phrases. 

Key Takeaways 

After writing an Amazon product listing with Scribbles you’ll never want to go back. 

We love this optimization tool in Helium 10 because it: 

  • Makes it easy to start 
  • Prioritizes keywords 
  • Fully integrates with the entire Helium 10 Suite 
  • Has intuitive features designed to guide you to optimize your listing 


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